Iguodala refutes Stephen A.'s claim about JK ‘shortchanging' Dubs


Fresh off a championship in his rookie season, Jonathan Kuminga is ready to take on a bigger role with the Warriors. 

And despite ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith doubting his ability to do so, Kunminga’s teammate and NBA veteran Andre Iguodala has noticed the work Kuminga is putting in. 

“My young fella, I’m on his head,” Iguodala said on his “Point Forward” podcast on Friday. “He took some licks from Stephen A. I don’t know how warranted they were because from what I heard he been doing what he supposed to do this summer.” 

Kuminga has continued the grind all offseason.

From NBA summer league to taking his expertise to play with his country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the FIBA World Cup

And while the 19-year-old continues to make headlines from across the world, his offseason performance has prompted recent criticism from Smith. 

While speaking about the young core of Kuminga, Moses Moody and James Wiseman last week, Smith discussed his biggest concern with Kuminga. 

“I’m telling you right now, I expect Moody and Wiseman to be significant,” Smith began. “I’m worried about Kuminga. I’m hearing too many things about him off the court in terms of his head, the level of discipline that he lacks, you understand? Some of the foolishness. I’m not getting into his personal business, I’m not saying nothing like that.

“I’m talking attitude, I’m not talking actions. I’m saying the attitude, the level of focus, commitment, determination, just putting your head down and doing the work. I’m hearing that he’s shortchanging the Warriors in that regard, and he’s got to get his act together because I’m a Jonathan Kuminga fan.”

While playing with Congo DR, it was evident that Kuminga was the best player on the floor. But the team hasn't been able to translate Kuminga's individual success into wins. 

Still, Kuminga has been recording game-high points and has been effective all around. 

"I just saw a highlight tape from him playing for his country," Iguodala said. "He’s over there right now playing in their international games. Kuminga’s getting busy. I mean fastbreak, reverse, pull-ups, he’s in his bag. ISOs, getting to it, making shots. But every clip, they down 20, 25." 

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Of course, basketball is a team sport, but Kuminga's progress and continued progress will be crucial for the Warriors come October. 

And it won't be until then when Kuminga can prove Smith, and any other doubters out there, wrong. 

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