Grading Warriors' hypothetical offseason blockbuster trades


With the final four NBA teams trying to survive a war of attrition in the playoffs, the rest of the league has turned its attention to the offseason, with the Warriors figuring to play a prominent role in the events to come.

After missing the playoffs this past season despite a legendary season from Steph Curry, the Warriors know they have to do everything they can to put a championship-caliber roster around Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

The Warriors own two lottery picks -- No. 7 and No. 14 -- and have 2020 No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman, giving them one of the best asset collections in the league to use in a potential blockbuster trade.

The summer is hypothetical trade time on TV, Twitter, Reddit and anywhere else the NBA is discussed. The Warriors, naturally, always are a part of any discussion about potential offseason trades.

So, I thought it was a good time to delve into five of the latest hypotheticals that have been floated out there, look at whether or not the deal is realistic and whether or not it is the type of deal the Warriors are looking for.

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Warriors get: Damian Lillard, Jusuf Nurkic

Trail Blazers get: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, Jordan Poole, Eric Paschall, No. 7, No. 14 and two future first-round picks

This trade that was crafted by The Athletic's John Hollinger is a doozy to be sure. It sees the Warriors empty their treasure chest and part of their roster to pair Lillard with Curry, giving Golden State the most lethal backcourt in the NBA.

It's fun to think about Lillard, an East Oakland native, coming back to the Bay to pair up with Curry, Thompson and Green to try and bring a title back to the place he grew up. Adding in Nurkic was a nice touch, giving the Warriors a quality starting center who allows them to limit Kevon Looney's minutes off the bench.

But at the moment, any Lillard trade talk seems premature. The sharpshooting guard's four-year, $196 million contract extension kicks in next season, and he has long been on the record about not wanting to leave to go title hunting.

The Blazers have no incentive to deal Lillard unless he pulls a James Harden and tries to blow his way out of the Rose City. Even if Lillard does end up forcing his way out of Portland, it is highly unlikely that ends with him wearing a Dubs uniform.

New Orleans, Philadelphia and Boston all could have a star player -- Brandon Ingram, Ben Simmons or Jaylen Brown -- headline their package, giving the Blazers the option, or at least the illusion, that they aren't undergoing a full rebuild.

Lillard's fit in Golden State also is (somewhat) in question. Obviously, the offensive firepower would be off the charts, but the Warriors would have to find a way to construct a defense around Curry, Lillard and Thompson, who they will want to ease back in after his Achilles tear.

It would turn the NBA on its head, but it's not happening.

Realism meter: Living in 2K

Trade grade should it happen: 9/10, with potential to rise if the rest of the roster fills out right

No longer a Wizard

Warriors get: Bradley Beal, Avery Bradley

Wizards get: Andrew Wiggins, No. 2 pick in 2021 draft

Rockets get: James Wiseman, No. 7 pick, No. 14 pick

The idea of the Warriors trading for Beal started in January and isn't going to go away no matter how many times the Washington Wizards star leaks that he doesn't want to leave D.C.

ESPN's Mike Schmitz came up with this idea that sees the Rockets exchange the No. 2 pick for two lottery picks and Wiseman, while the Wizards get the chance to draft either Jalen Green or Evan Mobley at No. 2 to jumpstart their rebuild.

Obviously, Beal, like Lillard, is the type of dynamic scorer the Warriors want to add to help relieve some of the offensive pressure on Curry. Beal, who finished second to Curry for the scoring title, would be a nice fit, and the addition of Avery Bradley gives Golden State another playoff-tested veteran who can defend multiple positions and knock down 3-point shots.

The big issue with this trade is the Rockets' decision to punt on drafting either Mobley or Green in favor of Wiseman and two lower lottery picks. I know the Rockets have a long rebuild ahead of them, but I'd think they'd rather have Green to build around than Wiseman and a combination of Moses Moody and Josh Giddey.

Also, the Wizards are a team I can see writing off the results of this past season given their COVID issues and Beal's nagging hamstring injury and wanting to run it back with Beal and Russell Westbrook to get a true barometer of the partnership.

Realism meter: Hogwarts adjacent

Trade grade if it happens: 9.5/10

Robbing Jurassic Park

Warriors get: Pascal Siakam

Raptors get: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, No. 7 pick

This one came out of Hollinger's report that the Warriors are expected to use Wiseman and the No. 7 pick to pursue roster upgrades and that Siakam is a name to watch out for.

A deal that lands the Warriors Siakam might be their best-case scenario this offseason. The 27-year-old can guard one through four, create his own shot and can do so for others, and operates best as the second or third scorer, which he would be in Golden State.

Siakam's lackluster 3-point percentage won't solve the Warriors' spacing issues around Curry, but Thompson's return combined with an investment in a shooter at No. 14 might be able to remedy that. Plus, Siakam should get a lot more wide-open looks in the Bay than he does in Toronto.

Would the Raptors really want to trade Siakam, who is entering the prime of his career, and go full rebuild with Wiseman and two top-seven lottery picks? That feels like a reactionary move to a down season in which the Raptors had to play in Tampa Bay due to COVID restrictions.

Doesn't exactly sound like Masai Ujiri's M.O.

Realism meter: Fast and Furious 4, so not completely outside reality but borderline

Trade grade if it happens: 7.5/10

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A Philly Swing

Warriors get: Ben Simmons

76ers get: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, No. 7 and No. 14

Ben Simmons' days as a Philadelphia 76er are numbered, but the Warriors and Simmons are far from a perfect match.

The 24-year-old would wreak havoc on defense alongside Green, and make the Warriors' offense hum in transition. Allowing Simmons to initiate the offense also would allow Curry, the best off-ball mover in the NBA, to hunt and destroy defenses without the ball in his hands.

But putting Simmons on the floor with Green would further exacerbate the Warriors' spacing issues next to Curry and give defenses two players they can play off of to help contain Curry.

That being said, the 76ers are almost certainly going to move on from Simmons and he might be the Warriors' only chance to add an All-Star-level player, especially if the Raptors choose not to entertain offers for Siakam.

Realism meter: Possible, but not probable

Trade grade if it happens: 7/10

Turner Time

Warriors get: Myles Turner, T.J. Warren

Pacers get: Kelly Oubre sign-and-trade, James Wiseman, No. 7 pick

This one is a creation of our own Monte Poole, who posits that Turner would the Warriors' best trade option should they elect to deal Wiseman. The deal expands to include Warren and Oubre for contractual purposes, but this is a deal that should have the Warriors doing backflips.

Not only do they get a 25-year-old center who is an elite rim protector and someone who is comfortable shooting at all three levels, but they also get a veteran scorer in Warren who is capable of getting thermonuclear hot on any given night.

There's a chance this deal might have to include Wiggins instead of Oubre, but at 25, Oubre is an intriguing wing who could fit nicely in Indiana alongside Malcolm Brogdon, Caris LeVert and Domantas Sabonis. If the Pacers are willing to pay Oubre's freight, he could potentially allow the Warriors to keep Wiggins, something they would like to do unless a true superstar comes available.

A potential crunch-time lineup of Curry, Thompson, Green, Turner and Wiggins/Warren would be among the best closing units in the NBA.

Would the Warriors have to sweeten the deal further? It depends what the Pacers think of Wiseman and how much new coach Rick Carlisle wants to shake things up. But this one is firmly planted in the real world.

Realism meter: Don't count it out

Trade grade if happens: 8/10

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