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Chuck drops odd San Francisco diss to Draymond at NBA All-Star Game

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Charles Barkley added another layer to his bizarre, one-sided beef with the city of San Francisco on Sunday.

Speaking to Warriors forward Draymond Green and Hall of Fame guard-turned-NBA analyst Reggie Miller on TNT's alternate broadcast of the NBA All-Star Game, Barkley continued to throw fire onto the growing flame of his hatred for the Bay Area city.

"Hey Reggie, if you had a chance to be in the cold or being around a bunch of homeless crooks in San Francisco, which would you choose?" Barkley said, as the entire panel reacted.

Barkley's comments date back a couple seasons ago when he declared he "hated" San Francisco and called it dirty.

Dub Nation -- and Bay Area residents alike -- didn't forget those comments when the "Inside the NBA" crew visited San Francisco during the 2022 NBA playoffs.

"Oh that's crazy," Green responded. "You're not welcome. They're not letting you in."

After co-analyst and TNT sports broadcaster Taylor Rooks reassured that they loved San Francisco on the broadcast, Barkley was quick to bite back and make it known that he wasn't included in that group.

Barkley continued the back-and-forth exchange with Green, stating it was unsafe to walk around the city. Green, confused, insisted you could before Barkley quickly added: "Yeah, with a bulletproof vest."

While some might understand Barkley's sense of humor and take it lightly, others aren't as amused, especially after former San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey implied that San Francisco's perceived crime and drug problems are scaring MLB free agents away from joining the Giants -- which led to an outpour of fans, Bay Area residnets, former and current players and sports personalities to weigh in and defend the city.

The Warriors entered the All-Star break winning eight of their last 10 games and improved to 27-26 on the season. They currently sit in 10th in the Western Conference and plan to continue climbing the standings.

If they secure a spot in the postseason, it's no secret how Dub Nation will welcome Barkley into its home.

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