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Green promoting In-Season Tournament sign of no ill will toward NBA

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SAN FRANCISCO – The belief among many Warriors fans is that the NBA stalks Draymond Green, hoping for any conceivable reason to issue another fine or suspension.

Yet there is Draymond, with no sign of ill will, doing his part to promote the league.

You’ve probably seen the promotional TV ad by now, “The Heist,” with Green among seven NBA players participating in a light-hearted skit highlighting the league’s inaugural In-Season Tournament, which begins Friday.

If the league hated Green, it would not have reached out. If Green hated the league, he would not have accepted the invitation.

“They called me and at first I wasn’t sure,” Green told NBC Sports Bay Area. “But as I thought about it, about what it would mean to the In-Season Tournament and the league – which we’re all a part of – I was like, ‘Let’s do it.’ “I’m glad I did it, too, because it’s dope.”

The spot, a clever takeoff on the 2011 movie “Ocean’s Eleven,” is set in a Las Vegas casino. The casting of actor Michael Imperioli and his naturally baleful visage is a stroke of genius.

Anthony Davis, DeMar DeRozan, Darius Garland, Julius Randle and Trae Young assume various roles required to pull off a such caper, and the casting of Kawhi Leonard as “an inside man, someone who is everywhere and nowhere,” is a chef’s kiss of a surprise.

Draymond, described as “a vet who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty,” is the black-cap-wearing security guard pushing a cart with unknown contents – presumably to “load” or unload a safe.

None of the players speak, and silence is atypical of Green in any setting.

He has no regrets.

“It was fun, enjoyed it,” he said.

As for Draymond’s relationship with the NBA, he laughs it off.

“I have more relationships in the league office than probably 99 percent of the guys in the league,” he said.

So, banish the thought of a beef. Draymond has an understanding with the league that has imposed upon him four suspensions and 14 fines in his 11 seasons. Business is business.

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