Draymond Green on how he'd handle Drake in Warriors-Raptors NBA Final


When it comes to the NBA, it's often synonymous with rapper Drake.

Yeah ... I know.

To catch you up -- he's a Toronto Raptors superfan, er "global ambassador," who freely roams the court at his enjoyment during games, which means, of course, there's a possibility he is sitting courtside if the Raptors play the Warriors during a possible NBA Finals matchup. That is if the Raptors are successful during the Eastern Conference finals against the Milwaukee Bucks -- a team Drake already left an impression on.

Naturally, a reporter had to ask Draymond during Warriors practice on Thursday how he would handle Drake if the Warriors faced the Raptors during the series. And well, he gave a very Draymond answer.

"Drake can't shoot. Nor can he pass," Green told reporters. "You ever seen Drake play basketball?"

Draymond has, apparently.

"I saw a couple highlights," he said. "They wasn't so high. So I really don't care."

For the record, I've never seen Drake play basketball beyond perhaps a scene in "Degrassi," and even then I wasn't impressed. 

Beyond being his presence on the court, he has a tendency to let his emotions get to him. Remember, he's not on the team.

Just recently, on ESPN's "The Jump,"  NBA player Kendrick Perkins talked about Drake's antics during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. Beyond rubbing shoulders with Raptors head coach Nick Nurse, Drake rubbed Perkins the wrong way previously -- so he mentioned that as much as he supports Drake's fandom, there is a line.

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"At the end of the day, if it was another fan that wasn't Drake, they probably would be put out of the arena," Perkins said.

It appears the players aren't too impressed by his antics, but we will have to see how Green reacts -- if he reacts at all, and if they both get the opportunity. 

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