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Lacob recalls Draymond's ‘maniacally competitive' pre-draft workout

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There aren't many NBA players who play as hard and as physical as Draymond Green. And that was obvious to the Warriors from Day 1.

The veteran forward is a four-time champion and future Hall of Famer, and after 12 seasons in the league, plays with the same fire he did coming out of Michigan State.

Warriors assistant general manager Kirk Lacob sat down with KRON 4's Jason Dumas for an exclusive interview, where he discussed Golden State's pre-draft scouting process and explained why, after all these years, Green's pre-draft workout with the Warriors in 2012 still is the most impressive he's witnessed during his time with the organization.

"I will tell you the most memorable draft workout we have had in the time I've been here, about 14 years, is Draymond Green," Lacob told Dumas. "We'll still never forget that one.

"We already loved Draymond. He was, as I like to say, from the Island of Misfit Toys. It's like everyone knew he was really good, but we weren't really sure how he was going to fit. But we knew he was a hell of a basketball player. And we came in here and he just absolutely destroyed everyone. And what showed through was his competitiveness was so high."

Green was so imposing on the court that Lacob and the Warriors were taken aback by what they were watching.

"It's hard to describe without you getting to see it, but there's a difference between watching somebody be competitive and somebody being maniacally competitive, trying to destroy everybody in every single drill for an hour straight," Lacob explained. "I've never really seen anything like it.

"It was really fun to watch. It got to the point where the other five guys kind of wanted to quit. At the time, you're like 'Maybe these guys aren't that competitive.' But you're like 'Man, this guy is just a killer.' "

Green's competitive fire and physicality are key traits that make him the special player that he is. There is no off switch, and while his style of play has resulted in ejections and suspensions over the years, that's a price the Warriors have been willing to pay.

And if you ask Lacob or anyone within the organization, there's no question that it's been worth it. And then some.

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