Dog's viral Warriors-Lakers prediction giving Dub Nation hope


The fate of the Warriors' dynasty now is in the paws of an adorable corgi dog.

OK, not really. But while facing a three-games-to-one series deficit to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals, Dub Nation has found a bit of tranquility in a viral video featuring a dog recognized as "Steph Furry," "Fluffy Mamba" and by its TikTok handle, @AirCorg.

In a video posted to TikTok before the series started, Air Corgi predicted the outcome of each game of the series. By bumping a beach ball into trash cans with the team's logos displayed on the outside, Air Corgi prognosticated that the Lakers would win Game 1, followed by a Warriors win in Game 2 and consecutive Lakers wins in Game 3 and Game 4.

But then, the corgi predicted the Warriors would win the last three games of the series to take down the Lakers in dramatic fashion and advance to the Western Conference finals.

As the series has fallen exactly how Air Corgi predicted, Warriors Twitter is holding onto hope that Steph Furry knows something everyone else doesn't.

In Air Corgi we trust.

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