D'Angelo Russell wants to stay with Warriors for at least three years


Since high school, Warriors guard D'Angelo Russell has never stayed in the same place for more than two years. He enrolled at Ohio State in 2014, was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2015, was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in 2017 and now plays for Golden State.

The fifth-year guard and reigning All-Star is hoping he'll remain within his new surroundings longer than his previous stops.

"I would love for this to be home,” Russell told The Mercury News' Wes Goldberg. “I have a four-year contract. I would love to be here even three years. That would set my record."

From the moment Russell was acquired by the Warriors in a sign-and-trade last offseason, there was rampant speculation that he wouldn't remain with them for long. His fit alongside fellow guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson was questionable, and he immediately became Golden State's best trade chip.

Serious injuries to Curry and Thompson have made the task of figuring out that fit all the more challenging. In their absences, Russell has taken command of the Warriors' offense, averaging a career-high 23.2 points per game on 43.3 percent shooting from the field.

Being constantly on the move has made it incredibly tough for Russell to develop any sort of lasting chemistry at his stops along the way, and even he wonders how much more advanced he might currently be if he had experienced more stability throughout his path.

"Man, I can’t imagine if I was in a consistent system to where I know the coaches and they know me, they know my family,” Russell said. “Camaraderie is beneficial for both. I can’t imagine that."

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With Golden State destined for the lottery and hoping to expedite a quick rebuild this coming offseason, Russell's name is bound to be a popular one mentioned in trade rumors. If the Warriors are going to acquire another superstar, that likely means he's gone. Even for a professional, that can't be easy to have hanging over one's head, but Russell -- who thinks of Muhammad Ali, a fellow Louisville native, as his hero -- is doing his best to not worry about it.

"I was already built to be chewed up and spit out,” Russell said. “So, I’m chilling with my feet up. This is home for me right now."

Right now, absolutely. But what the future holds is anyone's guess.

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