Alfonzo McKinnie shows confidence amid Warriors contract uncertainty


It's unclear if Alfonzo McKinnie will finish the season with the Warriors.

It's unclear if McKinnie will even begin the season with the Dubs.

The small forward's contract doesn't become fully guaranteed until early January, which leaves him vulnerable in case Golden State's front office wants to make a move.

“All of this talk about my roster status, it’s only going to make my story that much better," McKinnie told Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle.

No matter what his future holds, the 27-year-old -- who arrived at last year's training camp on a non-guaranteed contract, yet earned a roster spot with his solid play during the preseason -- already has a great story.

The Chicago native has defied all odds and continues to possess a positive outlook.

“I feel like the situations I always find myself in are unique,” McKinnie said. “I’m on the team, but it’s not 100 percent locked in. I think about it sometimes, but at the same time, I can’t let it cloud my mind.

"You do that, you’re stressing over that all day, every day. I really can’t do anything but just go out and put a good performance together. That’s really all I’m thinking about right now.”

McKinnie started at small forward in the Warriors' preseason opener last Saturday against the Lakers, but by no means has he secured the spot.

The competition remains wide open.

If he ends up getting cut in the near future, McKinnie will have an off-court-issue on his hands.

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As Letourneau writes:

When McKinnie found his apartment in San Francisco this past summer, he again banked on himself, opting to sign a nine-month lease instead of a six-month.

“I wanted one that would take me through the duration of the season,” McKinnie said.

You have to respect the confidence.

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