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NBA commissioner Silver offers stern warning to CP3, Scott Foster

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NBA commissioner Adam Silver issued a stern warning to Warriors guard Chris Paul and veteran official Scott Foster amid the long-standing feud between the two.

While being interviewed Wednesdayon SiriusXM NBA Radio, Silver detailed what the league's conversations have been like with Paul and Foster while revealing what the expectation is moving forward for the pair.

"You have there -- two veterans who are the best at what they do," Silver said on. "Scott is one of the most respected NBA officials, one of the highest-rated NBA officials, which is why he referees in our Finals games. Of course, Chris [Paul] 's track record speaks for itself.

"The way you handle that, at least the way we've tried to handle that, is talk to both of them and say, 'The expectation is that you're going to be professional.' And deal privately with the two of them and say guys, 'Whatever the bad blood is between you two, you don't have to be friends, but you got to both go out and do your jobs.' So that's my expectation moving forward."

Paul and Foster grabbed headlines during the Warriors' 123-115 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Nov. 22, where the future Hall of Fame point guard was ejected following a heated exchange with the longtime referee.

Following the game, Paul revealed the tension with Foster is personal before taking accountability for putting himself in a situation that allowed the veteran official to remove him from the game.

"It's personal," Paul told reporters after the game. "We had a situation some years ago, and it's personal. The league knows, everybody knows. There's been a meeting and all that. It's just a situation with my son. ...

"I'm OK with a ref talking, saying whatever. Just don't use a tech to get your point across. I've got to do a better job making sure I stay on the floor for my teammates. That's that."

Foster is in his 28th season as an NBA official, refereeing over 1,600 games during his time in the league. Despite a career spanning nearly three decades, Foster's feud with Paul typically is the first thing basketball fans associate with the official.

Adding another layer of intrigue to the rivalry between the two is Paul's paltry 2-18 record in games that Foster has officiated during his NBA career.

Friction between star players and officials serves nobody's interests, and it is the hope of Silver and the league that Paul and Foster can, at minimum, maintain a civil working relationship moving forward.

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