Why Steven Duggar wants to bring bunts back to life for Giants in 2019


The art of the bunt is dead, and it sounds like Steven Duggar is trying to bring it back to life. 

"I would love to get back to the comfortability that I had on laying bunts down, especially last year in spring training," Duggar said Tuesday night on KNBR. "I think I lost a little bit of that when I went to [Sacramento]. I didn't do it enough for some reason, I don't know why." 

Six different players led Major League Baseball in bunt base hits with eight last season. Duggar, in 41 games with the Giants, went 0-for-2 when squaring around to bunt in 2018. 

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Speed has always been Duggar's best natural attribute to his game. The 6-foot-2 center fielder uses it to track down balls with ease at AT&T Park and he plans to use it more effectively in Year 2 on offense. 

"It's another weapon I think I need to use in my game," Duggar continued with his desire to put down more drag bunts. "I think Buster [Posey] brought that to light last year when I got called up and I completely agree with him."

Duggar did use his speed to collect seven infield hits as a rookie last season and he stole five bases while only getting caught once. He plans to use his speed to his advantage on the bases as well as at the plate. 

"Stealing bags and dropping some bunts down are something that I'm really trying to improve on," Duggar said. 

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The Giants hope Duggar is their leadoff hitter of the future and possibly as soon as 2019. He struggled in his eight games as a leadoff hitter last season, but plenty can change next year now that the 25-year-old has major league experience under his belt. 

While Duggar will likely never be someone who hits 25 home runs every year, his skill set can fit perfectly for AT&T Park. His left-handed stroke has gap power and if he lays down a few bunts and becomes a threat on the bases, his speed can be a real factor atop the Giants' lineup for years to come.

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