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Why Ohtani-to-Giants is ‘most fun' landing spot to Bill Simmons

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With two-way MLB superstar Shohei Ohtani slated to hit free agency this winter, speculation abounds as to what team he'll join.

Bill Simmons and his opinion have joined the fray, with the podcaster explaining in his most recent episode why the Giants would be an intriguing destination for Ohtani.

"He’s not going to play in New York City. He wants to be in the West Coast. I vote for the Giants," Simmons told David Jacoby and Kevin Wildes. "I think the Giants are the most fun. I just think it would be the most fun. San Francisco … You know, San Francisco kind of needs a boost. I don’t know if you've seen what’s going on there the last couple years.

"Put him in the same city with Steph Curry. Put him in [Oracle Park]. We get to watch his balls just sailing into the water. It’s the most fun for me. I wish they had traded for him."

Ohtani never hit the trade market this season despite rumors the Los Angeles Angels would make him available at the deadline, but San Francisco is expected to make a run at the slugging pitcher when he becomes a free agent. While the cost would be exorbitant, the Giants certainly will be eager to add a star to their lineup after things didn't go as planned with Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa last offseason.

Plus, Curry could use a fellow generational talent in the Bay.

Jacoby and Wildes ultimately agreed with Simmons that Ohtani in San Francisco would be a blast, joking they should purchase kayak stock just in case the hypothetical comes true. Giants fans might not be as quick to get their hopes up after past disappointment, but it's hard not to imagine Ohtani bombs dropping into McCovey Cove.

And, of course, Ohtani donning a Giants uniform means he wouldn't be a member of San Francisco's SoCal rivals.

"The [Los Angeles] Dodgers don’t need him … I mean, it would be great for them, but the Dodgers are already awesome anyway, and they’re already interesting anyway," Simmons said. "We need him to make a team that isn’t that interesting but still has some sort of value, that will be in the postseason, that’s in a big city.

"It just seems like it should be San Francisco."

Simmons has a point. Now all that's left is for the Giants' front office to execute.

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