MLB teams that have won the most World Series titles


The MLB season culminates each season with one team receiving the sport’s most coveted prize: “a piece of metal.”

Rob Manfred’s description of the Commissioner’s Trophy doesn’t do it justice, of course. After a 162-game regular season and month-long postseason, just one ballclub gets to lift the prize as World Series champions.

The World Series has been around since 1903 and 117 champions have been crowned. Yet, one team stands above the rest when it comes to the most trophies.

Here is a look at the teams that have won the most and fewest World Series championships.

Which MLB team has won the most World Series titles?

Say what you want about New York Yankees fans’ “27 rings” mantra, but it is undeniably factual.

The Bronx Bombers have far and away the most World Series titles with 27. They have reached the Fall Classic 40 times dating back to 1921 and won their most recent championship in 2009.

The St. Louis Cardinals are the only other MLB franchise to win double-digit World Series titles. They won their first title in 1926 and picked up their 11th in 2011.

Here are the 10 teams with the most World Series victories:

1. New York Yankees: 27

2. St. Louis Cardinals: 11

T-3. Oakland A’s: 9

T-3. Boston Red Sox: 9

5. San Francisco Giants: 8

6. Los Angeles Dodgers: 7

T-7. Cincinnati Reds: 5

T-7. Pittsburgh Pirates: 5

T-9. Detroit Tigers: 4

T-9: Atlanta Braves: 4

Which MLB team has won the most World Series titles in a row?

The Yankees hold the record for most consecutive World Series titles, coming out on top five straight times from 1949 to 1953.

Only 14 teams in MLB history have won multiple World Series in a row. Once again, it was the Yankees that did it most recently, earning three straight titles from 1998 to 2000. 

Which MLB teams have not won a World Series title?

Six MLB teams are still chasing their first championship: the San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners.

The Padres, Rangers and Rays all have two World Series appearances, while the Brewers and Rockies each have one. The Seattle Mariners are the lone MLB franchise that has not reached the Fall Classic.

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