Craw, Kapler debate hilarious beard-mustache controversy


Just five weeks into the 2022 MLB season, the Giants have already been surrounded by controversy.

First, it was Mauricio Dubón laying down a bunt up nine runs against the San Diego Padres. A couple of weeks later, the Washington Nationals had issues with Thairo Estrada stealing a base in the ninth inning up six runs.

On Wednesday afternoon, though, Giants manager Gabe Kapler addressed perhaps the most polarizing controversy surrounding the club.

If a player is sporting a full beard, is he participating in Mustache May -- the Giants' new annual tradition in the clubhouse?

“This is sort of like the ‘is a hamburger a sandwich’ question,” Kapler said ahead of San Francisco’s 7-1 victory over the Colorado Rockies. “Hot dog -- is that a sandwich? This is about mustaches since it’s Mustache May.”

Kapler, who might be biased because he wears a beard himself, thinks himself as a participant.

“If you go to the barber shop and you have a full beard, the barber may say, ‘Would you like me to leave your mustache a little bit longer?’ Doesn’t that mean that you have a mustache? Do you have a full beard? We have a lot of players who wear full beards. In my opinion, they are participating in Mustache May."

Following the win at Oracle Park, shortstop Brandon Crawford agreed with his manager.

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“I think it comes as a package. It’s part of a beard," he told the Giants Postgame Live crew. "So, yeah, I guess I’m part of it. Last week, I did trim up the beard a little bit and I left the mustache length, so I’m kind of playing into it a little bit.”

The Giants were clearly on the right side of the eye-rolling unwritten rules argument. But this mustache-beard controversy?

Maybe ... not so much.

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