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Melvin ‘sad' to see A's uproot from Oakland Coliseum

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SAN FRANCISCO -- If there's anyone who knows just how special the Oakland Coliseum is, it's former Athletics and current Giants manager Bob Melvin.

Melvin was the A's skipper from 2011-2021 and managed a handful of playoff teams during his 11 seasons in the green and gold.

In his first season with the Giants, Melvin will visit the Coliseum in 2024 as an opposing manager for the final time after the A's announced they will play at Sutter Health Park in West Sacramento, home to San Francisco's Triple-A affiliate, for the 2025-2027 seasons before attempting to relocate to Las Vegas in 2028.

In speaking to reporters before the Giants' home opener against the San Diego Padres on Friday at Oracle Park, Melvin was asked about his former team's plans to uproot from the place they've called home for 57 seasons.

"It's sad. I really enjoy the Coliseum," Melvin said. "If that's the case and that's where they're going, it's too bad. You'd like to see them finish up in the Coliseum, but at least they're within fairly close proximity where the A's fans can still drive and watch them, but it seems like it's gotten pretty dramatic here recently."

Melvin and the Giants played an exhibition game against the A's on March 25 at the Coliseum and will return to Oakland again for two regular-season games on Aug. 17 and 18 for the final time in the building's history.

"Yeah I was thinking about that yesterday," Melvin said of the final Bay Bridge series. "So if we're going to go over there and play, which is going to be a little bit different. But things are changing with the A's, and not only are they playing in a different venue these next few years, but they're going to be moving out of the Bay. So I think this year, really experience what the Coliseum's all about. It's had so many great teams and great players there that this should be a special year and I'll try and enjoy it as well."

Having coached six different A's playoff teams, Melvin knows just how electric the atmosphere at the Coliseum can be, and even recalled a daunting experience of his own visiting the venue as an opposing player with the Giants.

"I remember in [2012] when we played the Tigers, I guess they went and played the Yankees after they beat us in the last game, and some of the comments were it was 'tougher to play in Oakland' than it was at that point in time in the new Yankee Stadium," Melvin shared. "It's an incredibly passionate fanbase, especially out there in the outfield.

"If you're out there as an outfielder -- and I actually played in left field in the Bay Bridge Series one time. And I kind of moved in toward short and they're pushing me back [and I'm saying] 'no (the fans) are killing me back here!' So they definitely get your attention there and it can be one of the more spirited places in all of baseball when it's packed."

The Coliseum is so near and dear not only to former A's players and coaches, but to the entire Bay Area. And in it's final season hosting the A's, Melvin and so many others will take the time to cherish the memories they have made there.

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