Seeing smiling Bassitt before game motivated A's to big win


The Athletics finally were able to see Chris Bassitt in person for the first time since the pitcher took a line drive to the face in Tuesday’s game.

The A's ace was in the clubhouse before the guys headed to Guaranteed Rate Field where they would later beat the Chicago White Sox 5-4 on Thursday.

“I think that helped today, I really think it did,” A’s starter Cole Irvin said following the game. “To know that he’s in good spirits really just got all of us going. I know it got me excited when I got to see him a little bit today. I look up to him, he’s like a brother to me so just, with everything he’s done, the way he carries himself, I look up to that guy for sure.”

Irvin said it was important a bunch of the players were able to see Bassitt, and said it certainly provided inspiration for the big win over the White Sox.

“That just helped a lot with motivation and just to know he’s all right, just has the fight in him to want to be back already,” Irvin added.

Across six frames, Irvin struck out one, giving up seven hits and three earned runs. He said even with the extra day of rest, he has felt great since landing in Chicago.

A’s hitters must have benefitted just as much from seeing Bassitt.  

Sean Murphy and Matt Chapman each hit home runs of their own, giving the A's 14 consecutive solo homers. That was until Matt Olson stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the seventh and crushed a two-run home run to give Oakland the lead.

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Irvin added Bassitt was upbeat and was able to joke around as he typically does, and even made fun of his new appearance, which means he’s still the guy the A’s know and love.

“He was totally fine, just like a guy would look like he gets hit in the face with a baseball,” Irvin said with a laugh. “With a few stitches and a black eye. It sucks that it happened, but I think in the same breath, the fact that he was able to joke about the way he looks right now and just have really high spirits, I think that really just put guys in a good mood this morning. That’s better than donuts.”

Irvin likes to bring donuts into the A’s clubhouse during day games. Seeing Bassitt healthy and smiling will always be better than a Maple Bar.

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