Macklin Celebrini

How Celebrini stands out to Sharks after NHL Scouting Combine

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The Sharks are doing their due diligence by evaluating and speaking with several top prospects ahead of the 2024 NHL Draft.

But all signs point toward San Jose selecting Boston University’s Macklin Celebrini with the No. 1 overall pick come June 28 at the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Sharks director of amateur scouting Chris Morehouse recently explained what stands out about Celebrini while talking to NHL Draft Class’ Adam Kimelman and Mike G. Morreale.

“I think his on-ice play speaks for itself,” Morehouse said. “If anyone has had a chance to watch him play, [see] what he did at the college level, and to watch him play internationally, you meet him and get to spend some time with him, you can see and understand where all the hype and excitement comes from. 

“And certainly, we’re very fortunate and lucky to be sitting in the 1-hole this year.”

Celebrini finished with 32 goals and 32 assists for Boston University during the 2023-24 NCAA season and is the highest-ranked prospect across the board by miles.

The likely No. 1 overall pick also has grown his connection with Mike Grier, as the Sharks general manager and Celebrini share the same alma mater.

Morehouse, Grier and virtually all hockey fans know what Celebrini brings to the table as a player, but San Jose’s director of amateur scouting admires the 18-year-old’s personality just as much as his athletic gifts.

“You know what? Everything you hear and read about the kid is true,” Morehouse said. “We did meet with him… He’s an exceptional kid. The family did an incredible job, he clearly has a great foundation at home. You can see the drive, the work ethic, the competitiveness. 

“There’s a certain look, in my opinion, that the very best have. It’s not always there with everybody. And I’m sure you guys covering hockey can see it -- there’s just a difference. When you’re around it, you kind of get that feeling of it. It doesn’t come around all the time ... Every now and then, you interview and talk to these kids, and it’s just a little bit different…”

Celebrini is a shoo-in to be the face of Sharks hockey because of his unmatched skill set on the ice.

It’s his well-roundedness as a person that is the cherry on top for Morehouse and the rest of San Jose’s braintrust.

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