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How Shanahan's Friday film sessions hold 49ers accountable on blocking

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Programming note: Greg Papa's 1-on-1 interview with Kyle Shanahan can be seen in "49ers Game Plan," which will debut Friday at 7:30 p.m. on NBC Bay Area and 9 p.m. on NBC Sports Bay Area.

The 49ers are one of the best, if not the best, blocking offenses in the NFL for a reason. 

They hold each other accountable on and off the field.

In speaking to Greg Papa on the latest edition of NBC Sports Bay Area's "49ers Game Plan," coach Kyle Shanahan explained why his offense takes such pride in blocking for one another.

"They take pride in it and they don't want to let the other person down," Shanahan told Papa. "And also if they do, they know we're all going to watch it together on Friday which is when we do it. People don't like that. And also, everyone believes everyone has a chance to score. I've been on a lot of teams where you coach them all the same way and usually, if you hold guys accountable they do do it.

"But when everyone believes anyone who can touch the ball does have a chance to score and they don't want their guy to be the only reason they don't, then there's a little more pressure on everyone because whoever touches it, guys think they can do it so everyone's always working a little bit harder. It's kind of like a punt return or kick return. Guys block all right and you get a guy back there who you think has a chance every time, and you watch guys block a hair different, and I feel like that's how our team is and needs to be because we've got some good guys."

For years, the 49ers have used their "No Block, No Rock" motto to emphasize the importance of blocking and how it can lead to more opportunities on the ground and through the air. That motto still rings true for Shanahan and is universally embraced by the entire offense.

"That's pretty understood. It's hard to be on the field with us if you don't block," Shanahan explained. "You better be extremely special and the special guys we have had, they haven't had to worry about it because they block."

Shanahan and the 49ers' coaches are not afraid to call players out for their blocking -- or lack thereof -- when reviewing film and use each instance as a teaching moment.

"Oh yeah, we usually rewatch the game from the week before," Shanahan said. "[We] always do a run meeting on Fridays and so all the run plays you're going to see why ones didn't score, and you won't know at first, but we'll rewind it and we'll go to where that person came from and everyone gets to watch and they just put their head down. Usually, it's not a lack of effort, but if it is, it's usually a good coaching point because you get that effort from there on out."

The 49ers' unselfish blocking was on full display in the Week 13 win over the Philadelphia Eagles and figures to play a big role in the NFC West clash with the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at Levi's Stadium.

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