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49ers' Warner shares excuse for hilariously bad Giants first pitch

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Fred Warner is one of those people who’s great at everything they do.

Well, except for one thing: throwing a baseball.

The six-year 49ers linebacker hilariously made waves on April 5 for his poor attempt of a first pitch before the San Francisco Giants' home-opening matchup against the San Diego Padres.

When talking to reporters about the incident on Monday, Warner was a good sport, but he was sure to bring out the excuses.

“Yeah,” Warner, father to a newborn, said about sleep deprivation being responsible for his blunder. “We can go into detail about the pitch, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t warm up. You overshoot it, well, I guess you don’t overshoot you undershoot, right? So, I’ll leave that to sleep deprivation, I like that, yeah.”

“Exactly, I was very underprepared for that one. I should’ve been way more prepared. I’ll get a couple more practice throws next time, for the next one.

Fortunately, the BYU product is a good sport.

Nevertheless, it’s rare to see Warner, a three-time NFL Pro Bowl selection and three-time AP All-Pro, struggle at anything -- likely the reason why Warner wants to make up for his embarrassment whenever the Giants can give him the chance.

“I would love [another opportunity],” Warner added. “I would love one. I would never turn it down, I don’t care how bad I’d dirt it.”

Warner still has some months before the 49ers start playing games again. He should start practicing now before his teammates, who haven’t given him much flack yet, catch on to his pitching struggles.

“Surprisingly, no,” Warner happily mentioned. “I guess guys don’t care about baseball on a football team, so.”

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