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49ers QB Dobbs, Jennings relive ‘crazy' Hail Mary TD at Tennessee

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Joshua Dobbs and Jauan Jennings are back on the same team eight years after creating a formidable connection at the University of Tennessee.

Dobbs, who signed last month to compete for the backup quarterback job with the 49ers, is once again teammates with Jennings.

The two will always hold a special place in Tennessee lore after teaming up for a Hail Mary touchdown pass on the final play of a 2016 game against Georgia.

Dobbs and Jennings got together on a recent episode of the "Torchbearers" podcast and talked about that play.

“I relive that moment over and over in my head all the time,” Jennings said. “I just remember you going to get the ball. That was a crazy night.”

Down 31-28 with four seconds remaining, the Volunteers were out of field-goal range and had just one play to pull off the upset victory on the road.

“When we called the play, you weren’t designed to catch the ball,” Dobbs told Jennings.

The play called for three receivers to the left of the formation and one receiver to the right. Jennings was supposed to be the receiver to the right.

But, according to Dobbs, wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni called timeout and moved Jennings to the other side of the formation because, he said, “Jauan is the jumper.”

Dobbs reminded his receivers to make sure they got into the end zone. He assured them he was going to throw the ball deep enough for one of them to make a play.

And it was Jennings who made the play.

Surrounded by six Georgia defenders, Jennings plucked the ball out of midair for the game-winning touchdown. It remains as the last time Tennessee has a win in the head-to-head series against the Bulldogs.

Said Dobbs, “You were so excited, and everyone was carrying you off the field. You know when you get excited you black out, lowkey? You took the Hail Mary ball and chucked it all the way across the field. I’m like, ‘Bro, that’s history; we can’t let that thing go.’”

So where is that ball today?

“I got it,” Dobbs said. “It’s back at the parents’ crib. I got it. I got it. When he threw it, I was like, ‘Jauan don’t want it, so I guess I’ll just take it home.’”

Said Jennings, “That’s cool to me. It’s ours still.”

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