NFL analyst Adam Rank admits he's ‘an idiot' for 3-13 49ers prediction


NFL fantasy analyst Adam Rank is "an idiot," according to, well -- himself.

He predicted the 49ers wouldn't be as successful as they were. Before the season started, Rank believed the team would go 3-13.

49ers defensive back Richard Sherman responded to those who underestimated the squad that is now 4-0 after an exciting 31-3 win against the Cleveland Browns on Monday night.

"You want idiots to sound like idiots, but you want them to hold their position all year," Sherman told reporters after the win. "Don't flip flop with us. If you said we weren't going to make it, if you said we were some way early on, just stick with that position. Hold it. Don't try to give us credit now. Just stick (with) it.

Rank responded:

"Yeah, you know what -- let's just be perfectly truthful." Rank said in the YouTube video. "I got this prediction wrong."

Rank made it rather simple. And also reminded everyone to be cool. We all see what people write to one another behind a keyboard, and despite the fact he's told her not to, his wife reads some of those things sent to him that are #NSFW.

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This is what sports are all about, Rank added. 

But ... if that's not good enough for you, that's OK. He explains why he made the prediction that he did in the YouTube video in the tweet above.

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