Former Raiders receiver Jordy Nelson reflects on his first year retired


Wide receiver Jordy Nelson officially retired from the NFL this spring after nine seasons with the Packers and his final go being last year with the Raiders. Despite his past success and winning a Super Bowl ring, Nelson doesn't think about football too much anymore.

“My life didn’t go as football went. A loss on Sunday didn’t ruin my week," Nelson told NBC Sports' Tim Layden. "And I knew whenever I was done, I would come home and help my brother [Mike] farm.”

Nelson, now 34, is back on his family farm in Riley County, Kansas. During his first year of retirement, he's been spending as much time as possible with his three children and wife Emily. He's back home where his kids will attend the same elementary school that he and his wife did so many years ago. 

The Raiders signed Nelson to a two-year, $15 million contract in March 2018. On Dec. 28 of last year, he was given his $3.6 million roster bonus, virtually locking him in to be a Raider this season. 

But one year after signing him to that two-year deal, the Raiders released Nelson on March 14.

Nelson played 15 games for the Raiders last season. He had 63 receptions for 739 yards and three touchdowns, his lowest since 2010. 

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The Seahawks offered Nelson another contract, but the passion wasn't there for the former Pro Bowler. Despite taking so many crushing blows over his years on the gridiron, his physical in Seattle came back clean. 

“That was a trigger, right there,’’ Nelson said. “I was like, all right, that confirms it. I’m walking out healthy. I’m not waiting until some doctor tells me, ‘Man you look like you’re 60 years old, you need two knee replacements, hip surgery.’ I’d rather go out a year too early than a year too late.”

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