49ers offensive review vs. Jets: Offensive line


EDITOR'S NOTE: Matt Maiocco's offensive player-by-player review vs. Jets will be broken up by position. Stay logged on to CSNBayArea.com throughout the day for the breakdown on each position group.

The thing that stood out the most after re-watching the 49ers' offense was how well the offensive line played. The 49ers gained 249 yards rushing on 42 attempts (5.9-yard average) before the two kneeldowns at the end. And the pocket remained mostly clean for Alex Smith, as well as Colin Kaepernick on his one deep pass attempt.

Right guard Alex Boone, through four games, has shown to be a significant upgrade over the past several seasons at that position. The effort was solid all the way around, from tackles Joe Staley and Anthony Davis, to the inside guys Boone, Mike Iupati and Jonathan Goodwin. Extra blockers Daniel Kilgore and Leonard Davis also had their moments.

Offensive line

59-Jonathan Goodwin: He played all but the final series on offense and had a very good game against the middle of the Jets' defense. The 49ers also seemed to be on the same page upfront agains the Jets' blitz packages, and that's a reflection on Goodwin

He had a one-on-one block on defensive tackle Sione Po'uha on a Gore 11-yard run in the fourth quarter.

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66-Joe Looney: Was not active (coaches' decision).

67-Daniel Kilgore: He played the final seven snaps at center. Before that, as an extra blocker, he drove Pace to the right and onto the ground to open way for Gore to pick up two yards on a third-and-1 in the fourth quarter.

68-Leonard Davis: He entered at left guard when Mike Iupati left for a couple plays in the first quarter with a helmet problem. He played 15 snaps total, including the final seven plays at right guard.

He made strong block on Harris on fourth-and-1 for Gore's 2-yard TD run.

74-Joe Staley: Started at left tackle and played all but the final series of the game. He had a very strong game. . . Rode his man all the way inside to open the lane for Kaepernick on a 17-yard keeper in the first quarter

Made block on outside linebacker Bryan Thomas on Hunter's 12-yard run in third quarter.

Drove defensive tackle Kenrick Ellis six yards backward on a pancake block top open way for Gore on an 11-yard run in the fourth quarter.

75-Alex Boone: Started at right guard and played every snap, including the final seven at left tackle. It was Boone's best performance. . . . He took out linebacker Demario Davis on Gore's 6-yard run for a first down in first quarter

Finished off Scott to allow Kaepernick easy sailing at end of his 7-yard TD.

He made a block at the line and another on Scott at the second level on Hunter's 8-yard run on a third-and-4 in the third quarter.

On fourth-and-1 in third quarter, he pulled around the left side and took out Coples, who was engaged with Walker, to enable Gore to score on a 2-yard run. . . Pulled to make block on Harris on Hunter's 1-yard TD run in fourth quarter.

76-Anthony Davis: Started at right tackle and played every snap, and had another impressive game. . . Made down block on Ellis to help open way for Gore's 6-yard run in first quarter. . . Took Coples out of the play to open way around the right side for Smith and Williams to run an option for a 9-yard gain in second quarter. . . Called for unnecessary roughness after the play late in the first half that backed up an Andy Lee punt 12 yards. . . . Sold a play to the other side against Pace, which enabled Kaepernick to get to the outside and gain 30 yards late in the game.

77-Mike Iupati: Started at left guard and played all but two snaps in the first half when he left to get his helmet repaired. . . Got the second level to make a block on Po'uha on Hunter's 11-yard run on 49ers' first TD drive. . . Made block on Po'uha at goal line on Gore's 2-yard TD run in the third quarter. . . Started off on Ellis and moved on to Harris for a huge push on Gore's 11-yard run in the fourth quarter. . . Made blocks on Muhammad Wilkerson and Ellis on a pitch in which Hunter gained 9 yards in the fourth quarter. . . Took Ellis out of the play on Hunter's 1-yard TD run over left guard.

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