2023 NBA Draft

Why Keegan, Kris' dad prefers sons play on different NBA teams


In just a few months, Kenyon Murray will get the rare opportunity to watch both of his sons play at the highest level of basketball in the NBA.

Just one year ago, Kenyon watched his son Keegan get drafted by the Kings with the No. 4 overall pick. Now, it's Kris' turn.

While Kris, older than his twin brother Keegan by a handful of minutes, told NBC Sports California that he'd be open to joining forces with his brother in Sacramento, their father offered a unique perspective on the future of his sons.

"I think wherever he ends up, I think, obviously if they were together again, that would be awesome," Kenyon Murray said on the "Deuce and Mo" podcast, which was published Wednesday. "But I still think that their biggest growth on the floor is going to be away from each other as opposed to together."

Kris and Keegan have been teammates practically all their lives.

Last week, Kris told NBC Sports California that it would be a dream to have his brother as a teammate again, but this time at the NBA level.

“I definitely do want to play with Keegan, whether it’s this year, whether it’s three years from now, five years from now, 10 years from now,” Kris Murray said in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports California. “Getting an opportunity to play with him at any capacity would be really special.

“Something that we’ve always dreamed of, just being able to play in the NBA together. I welcome any opportunity to share the court with him again.”

The Kings have the No. 24 selection in the June 22 draft. While Kris is open to joining the Kings, he's also not against going to a rival team like the Golden State Warriors.

And as fun as it would be to team up with him, it would be just as fun going head-to-head with his brother.

“It’d be really cool to be a rival with Keegan,” Kris said of potentially being drafted by Golden State. “That would be fun. It’d be good for my parents too, they’d get to move out to the West Coast. It definitely would be a good scenario for me.”

While Kenyon, a proud dad, wants to watch his sons develop on their own, he isn't closing the door on rooting for his twins in the same city.

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Whenever -- if -- that happens, he'll be ready.

"I think eventually -- hopefully -- we don't know what the future holds, but obviously it'd be great to have them both on the same roster," he said. "But I still think their biggest leaps are to come, and I know they'll make them without each other as opposed to together."

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