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Huerter admits some Kings losses ‘don't make sense' this season

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After a season of uneven performances, Kings guard Kevin Huerter acknowledged that his team has struggled with consistency.

Speaking to Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner on the “Point Forward” podcast, Huerter spoke to the lack of consistency that has plagued his team during the 2023-24 NBA season, noting that the Kings have lost to some of the worst teams in the league.

“We have a team that some nights I think we can beat anybody and then we’ve lost to the Detroit Pistons and the Washington Wizards at home, both of them this year,” Huerter said. “So, on different nights we can get beat by anybody.”

Iguodala then mentioned that the Kings had defeated the reigning champion Denver Nuggets in a game right before the All-Star break, prompting another acknowledgment from Hueter on how confounding many of the losses have been.

“We’ve beaten Denver three times this year like that’s the type of stuff, it doesn’t make sense. If you had asked today who the best team in the league is, I’m saying Denver or the [Boston] Celtics and we’ve beaten one of them three times.

“But like I’ve said we’ve gone the other way, Portland [Trail Blazers] beat us by 20, Detroit beat us, almost beat us twice and the Wizards beat us it’s like we kind of got to figure some stuff out here. But we have a talented group that I think can beat anybody, we just got to figure out a way to get more consistent.”

The Kings currently sit in eighth place in the Western Conference, just outside of a top-six seed and a guaranteed playoff spot. The team has been wildly inconsistent over the past 10 games, going 4-6, with ugly losses to a shorthanded Miami Heat team and a fourth-quarter collapse against the Phoenix Suns stinging the most.

Given the Western Conference's depth, the Kings can ill-afford to continue their inconsistent level of play if they want to make it back to the postseason and build off last year’s run which saw the team make the playoffs for the first time since 2006.

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