Why Klay's dad confident son will be ‘even better' next season


When Klay Thompson made his return to the court after a 941-day hiatus, no one really knew what to expect.  

Of course, it takes time to find your groove again after an absence that long, but Thompson was just grateful to be back doing what he loves most. 

He seemingly silenced any doubters when he won his fourth ring in eight seasons with the Warriors, putting the cherry on top of an incredible comeback story that’s truly unheard of in professional sports.

But to his father Mychal Thompson, his story still is being written, and the best is yet to come. 

"I thought he was fine last year, you guys overlooked his defense," Mychal said on 95.7 The Game's "Willard & Dibs". "The defense he was playing in the Finals, that’s the part I was most concerned about, will he be able to slide his feet defensively and stay in front of guys the way he did in the past? And he did that. He played great defense against two of the best scorers in the league against [Jaylen] Brown and [Jayson] Tatum, so if you can defend those two guys, stay in front of those two guys, you’re fine.

"So yeah, Klay's going to be even better next year because he will have an offseason to train and [he’s] further away from his injury, so he’s going to be just fine." 

The Warriors sharpshooter averaged 20.4 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 32 games this season after making his highly-anticipated comeback on Jan. 9, then put up almost those exact same numbers during Golden State's postseason run. 

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While this last championship has been one of the more meaningful ones, Klay already is craving his fifth ring. 

Whether he gets it next year, or in the years to come, it's clear that Klay is more determined than ever. 

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