When Bob Myers asked him how long he wants to coach, Steve Kerr was befuddled


Back in May 2014, Steve Kerr signed a 5-year deal worth $25 million to become the head coach of the Warriors.

He is about to finish Year No. 4, which means a potential extension is an order of business this summer.

On Wednesday, CBS Sports' Jim Rome and Warriors GM Bob Myers had the following exchange:

Rome: "Does he (Kerr) strike you as somebody that wants to keep doing this and grinding it, or maybe you have to check his pulse year-to-year? Where is his head and his heart in this right now? Because he's had so much success and there is a price to be paid and you know Steve Kerr can literally do anything he wants." 

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Myers: "(laughing) We were driving to Napa -- we had some retreat on our business side and Steve and I were driving up together -- and I asked him that question. I said, 'Hey man, how long do you want to do this?' And he kind of looked at me, and he said, befuddled, 'What do you mean how long do I want to do it?' And I said, 'Just curious. It's a hard job.' And his response was, 'Forever. I love this.'

"And I kind of laughed and I said, "You know you haven't really coached in the NBA yet?' I said, 'This isn't a reality what we're doing. The reality is when we're 20-20 one year and we don't have any players and it's a grind.' And he said, 'Yeah, you're right. Good point.'

"But I think he'll be excited about that challenge, too ... Steve Kerr -- I think he was meant to coach. He was a great player, he was a good GM, he was a lead broadcaster. He could do anything. He's that smart, that accomplished.

"But I do think oftentimes in our lives, it takes 'till your 40 or 50 or even longer to find the thing that you feel most comfortable in your own skin. And I bet he he's even more comfortable doing this than he was playing, and he would probably admit that. 

"He was kind of born for this and I hate saying that but I think it's true with Steve. This is his calling. And I think he'll do it as long as he can, until he tires of it."

As you all know, complications from back surgery in the summer of 2015 caused Kerr to miss the first 43 games of the 2015-16 season, and then 11 playoff games last year (including Game 1 of the NBA Finals).

Kerr hasn't missed a game this season, but he's not fully recovered.

"It is tough though -- it's a high stakes deal," Myers said. "The media, the fans, the players, the organization, the pressure. A lot of people listening might say, 'Big deal. Coaches make a lot of money.' They do. They do make a lot of money. You're right. That box gets checked. But as far as pressure ... these guys are under it. 

"So that's the challenge for a guy like Steve Kerr and any professional coach -- how do you balance life and coaching? Because it can consume you. But I do think he does a great job ... I think he'll do it for a long, long time. I hope he does. He's a great partner for me."


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