Warriors' stats with DeMarcus Cousins Death Lineup are ridiculous


DeMarcus Cousins averaged 25.2 points per game last season in his fourth straight year as an All-Star. Through two games with the Warriors, he's averaging 11. 

Nevermind that, he's playing great basketball and the Warriors have been nearly unstoppable with him.

The reigning champions already had the Death Lineup of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala (off the bench), Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green. Substitute Cousins for Iguodala, and you have the Boogie Death Lineup.

So far, the five All-Stars have been almost unfair on both sides of the ball when they're on the floor together. 

Cousins' impact has been beyond the box score. Yes, he's also averaging 7.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists in his first two games, but more importantly, he's taken two charges and is hustling up and down the court. 

In the Warriors' 130-111 win over the Lakers on Monday night, Cousins went after a loose ball, controlled it while falling down, and still found a way to find Thompson for a 3-pointer.

So far, having an All-Star starting lineup has been, well, pretty good for the Warriors.

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