Warriors' Draymond Green, Kevin Durant say feud is far behind them


The last time the Warriors played the Los Angeles Clippers, there was plenty of beef -- and not just between the division rivals. 

On Nov. 12, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant infamously argued on Golden State's sideline after Green did not pass to an open Durant on the Warriors' last possession.  A team source told NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole that Green crossed the line bringing up Durant's impending free agency, and the Warriors suspended Green for the following game.

So over a month after the incident, is Green worried about any lingering tension? Not at all. 

"I know the hope is that [incident] will make us fall off, but it ain't," Green told ESPN's Nick Friedell. "It'll never happen like that. We good."

There were some hard feelings in the days after the brouhaha, Friedell reported, but Durant and Green returned to normal soon after. They intentionally did not steer clear of one another, and Green said those efforts repaired any fractures in their relationship. 

"We sat down and rapped," Green said. "And that's it. It ain't really about re-creating the wheel. Brothers get into it all the time. Y'all sit down and y'all figure it out, ain't nobody else going to figure it out for you. Can't nobody else figure it out for you. We sit down as men, we figure it out and we move forward."

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The Warriors lost five of their next six games following the altercation, including the game in which it took place. Golden State snapped a four-game losing streak on Nov. 23, and are 10-4 since then. 

The fight led to speculation that Durant would leave the Warriors as a free agent this summer. But Durant said the heated exchange is firmly in his rearview mirror.

"I'm just building great relationships with people and having real talks with people that I love," Durant told ESPN. "Just having an understanding of what's most important to me, especially during the season. And just having a great support system around you that understands exactly what you do, and how important it is to you. They just try to assist you and make your life as easy as possible when you set those boundaries on what you want."

That's good news for the Warriors as they pursue a three-peat, and as they hope to avoid the same fate as the last NBA team to win three consecutive championships. If these Warriors want to last longer than the Shaq-and-Kobe Lakers, Green and Durant burying the hatchet is a necessary start.

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