The iconic moment when Kobe showed respect to a young Steph


It doesn’t matter what year it was, truly iconic moments are never forgotten.  

A video of the late, great Kobe Bryant giving props to a young Steph Curry recirculated on Thursday after Curry opened up about the encounter on the “Point Forward” podcast with Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala and co-host Evan Turner back in March. 

It was Curry's rookie year when the Warriors hosted the Los Angeles Lakers at Oracle Arena. 

The Lakers legend was resting on the bench during the fourth quarter while Curry was doing what he could to minimize the Warriors’ deficit. 

“I think they were beating us by 10 or 12 but I was still going,” Curry said on the podcast. “[I] hit a transition three, came back and hit this little spin move and I hit a step back off the glass.” 

But little did he know there was a fan watching from the visiting bench

Bryant leaned over to Lakers forward Adam Morrison and said something Curry will never forget.

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“Then he went on to talk about that silent killer instinct," Curry recalled. "That it doesn't have to be ‘rah-rah’ talking trash in your face but it’s something you see in your eyes and the way that you move that came out and he respected that and recognized that. And that to me was the ultimate gas in the tank. I always had it, but when you get to the league, it’s a different experience, a different level when you’re playing against the best of the best of the best."

Now a four-time NBA champion, Curry continues to not just remember Bryant's words, but he continues to live by them. 

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