Steph Curry reacts to watching Klay Thompson's 60-point game re-airing


Steph Curry was just like every other Warriors fan Wednesday night.

Curry turned on NBC Sports Bay Area, likely with his favorite popcorn in hand, to watch the re-airing of Klay Thompson's 60-point performance from Dec. 5, 2016.

Steph's right. Watching that game was good for the soul.

With everyone confined to their homes due to the global coronavirus pandemic, we all needed something to put a smile on our face, and reliving Klay's historic performance against the Indiana Pacers did that for everyone, including Curry.

That was Kevin Durant's first season with the Warriors, and that team was so much fun to watch. They had so many weapons. If you jump at Curry and Durant, Thompson can burn you for 60 points in 29 minutes over three quarters, as he did on that night against Paul George, Monta Ellis and the Pacers.

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Dub Nation knows just how thermonuclear Klay can get, but considering we haven't seen him play since June, it was a nice reminder of how good he is.

As for Steph, don't worry. NBC Sports Bay Area will be airing more soul-soothing classics during this extended hiatus.

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