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Steph details confronting fan whose trash talk disrespected Ayesha

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Steph Curry typically isn't one to cause a scene, but there have been a couple of instances where trash talk from opposing fans forced the Warriors star to clap back.

Curry detailed a moment that stands out from all the rest on the "Heat Check" podcast he recently released with his father, Dell, recalling the time a fan's trash talk went too far by involving his family.

"I've only had, like, two interactions with an actual fan where I felt [they went] over the line, disrespected or whatever the case was," Curry said. "One was in Denver after Game 5 in [the 2013 Western Conference playoff opening round]; I believe it was that series. We lost, and I was walking into the tunnel and somebody said something about Ayesha.

"And I snapped back. I was like, 'Say it to my face,' and I went back to him and started pointing at him, and then some people grabbed me. Because after we lost, I was already on edge and he said something about Ayesha. So I was like, 'All right, I've got to turn around and say something.' [The fan] kind of froze up. Carl Landry stole his towel. It was phenomenal."

Back in 2013, all Curry said of the incident after the game was that the fan said "something stupid" and Curry "told him to shut up" (h/t Marcus Thompson). Now, we know that something involved Curry's wife.

And at the end of the day, the fan's trash talk only made Curry play that much harder. The Warriors went on to beat the Denver Nuggets in Game 6 and advance to the West semifinals shortly after Curry got into it with the fan in Colorado, and the point guard poured in a team-high 22 points in the victory.

"A lot of fans don't realize that they can fuel the fire so easily," Dell said. "It's just up to the player, whether they want that to happen or not."

Curry knows that all too well.

"I've gotten a little obsessive over it a couple of times, where I'll lose my mind and just stare at them on my way back down the court," Curry said of going on a run after a fan talks trash. "Where do you get that feeling from? You find it."

This should serve as a reminder to NBA fans at large: Don't get on Curry's bad side.

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