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Steph, Klay express confidence in Dunleavy as new Warriors GM

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Things will look a lot different for the Warriors next season, and that includes the front office.

But Golden State veterans Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have the utmost confidence in new Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr., who was promoted after longtime executive Bob Myers decided to walk away from the position.

The Splash Brothers recently told The Athletic's Anthony Slater they're looking forward to Dunleavy steering the ship, after his tenure got started with a blockbuster trade for noted Warriors villain Chris Paul on draft day last week.

"... Transition is always hard. Change is hard. Especially in this league with so much at stake," Curry told Slater. "But I’ve loved the conversations I’ve had with [Dunleavy] so far, how committed and the conviction he’s had with the ideas. Now it’s about going and executing it.

"That will reveal itself over time how we put it together for the big picture, chasing a championship now and trying to win now and the decisions that come down the road.”

The Paul trade was a win-now decision, with the Warriors sending 24-year-old point guard Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards in return for the 38-year-old veteran. Golden State shed Poole's lucrative new contract, set to kick in next season, while adding the best backup Curry has ever had.

While the decision came as a shock to Dub Nation, Dunleavy and Co. decided to bank on the present rather than the future -- and certainly not both at the same time.

For Thompson, it's a wild sight seeing Dunleavy at the Warriors' helm, he told Slater.

"Well, I love Mike Dunleavy. I grew up watching Mike play in Portland at Jesuit High School," Thompson said. "For him to be McDonalds [All-American] and then go to Duke and then go to the league, that was a huge deal for Oregon. We didn’t have a lot of guys doing that. Now to be working with him, it’s crazy. The world’s so small. Especially the world of basketball.

"Now he’s technically my boss after he was kind of a big brother growing up, going over to his house, having him throw us in the pool and that junk. Now working with him is crazy. I know Mike will do great things."

With the NBA's free agency negotiating window set to open Friday, Dunleavy will have the opportunity to make more moves during his first offseason as GM.

And along the way, it's clear he'll have the faith of both Curry and Thompson.

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