NBA mailbag: Could Kidd-Gilchrist fall to Warriors?


Anytime the NBA mailman comes this late on a Fridaywell,it must be important. Either that or the good deliverers schedule is out ofwhack. Lets go Do you think Michael Kidd-Gilchrist could slide allthe way down to the Warriors pick at No. 7? Colton, Parts Unknown.Steinmetz: I cant see that happening. I justcant see him falling past No. 5. And even if hes on the board at No. 5, Idbe surprised. All the way to No. 7? Cant see it.Now, theres talk of a slide for some reasonand hes certainlybeen slipping in some mock draftsbut the only reason Im hearing for that ishis shooting. Apparently, he cant.But thats not exactly breaking news. Any self-respectingscout who watched Kidd-Gilchrist play a dozen games knows that.Kidd-Gilchrist was as high as No. 2 for a reason and itsbecause he has size for the small forward position, toughness you cant teachand an athleticism thats hard to overlook.He played one season at Kentucky and was a starter on theirchampionship team. Already has a pro body.The team that drafts Kidd-Gilchrist isnt going to expecthim to shoot 40 percent from beyond the arc in Year No. 1. Or shouldnt.Anyway, I know players fall for a reasonand maybe theressomething out there we all dont know about yetbut Kidd-Gilchrist is toogood of a prospect to fall more than two or three spots.And even at this point, Im not sold on that hewill.Why do the Warriors continue to take risks onplayers like Brandon Roy? Corey, Oakland.Steinmetz: Well, Ive got to assume youre talkingabout acquiring players who have been injured (Andrew Bogut) or players whohave struggled recently with injury (Stephen Curry).Yeah, I dont think theres anything wrong with kicking thetires on Brandon Roy. Why wouldnt you? This would be such a differentsituation from either Curry or Bogut, for that matter.Curry played over 100 games in three seasons at Davidson sothere was no health issue when the Warriors picked him. If you want to say theWarriors should have anticipated something there, I think thats justludicrous. So, Currys coming off an injury and well see how he does in2012-13.With Bogut, I think the Warriors took a calculated risk,and, again, well have to wait and see what happens. Bogut has no doubt beenhurt in each of the past four seasons, but the Warriorsand Bogutbelievethey have been of more the freak variety than actually beinginjury-prone.Im certainly willing to give Bogut the benefit of the doubtat this point, considering it doesnt matter one iota whats gone on in thepast.Roy is not someone the Warriors would offer big money to or even a long-term contract. Well, I shouldnt speak for the Warriors there,but Id be shocked, lets put it that way.First of all, we dont know what other offers Roy will haveout there, but Ive got to believe that the first contract he gets considering hes already retired because of injuryis going to be prettyminimal in terms of financial risk to the team.With the Warriors having so many picks, and unlessthey trade one of them, I would hope that they would try to swing for thefences and draft someone overseas and maybe end up with a Manu Ginobili orTiago Splitter. Can you break down some of the international players.Steinmetz: How about if I tell you about two, andwell call it a day. Real quick, this was never considered a draft in whichinternational players would be a major factor.It just wasnt.From the firstday I started asking about the draft it seemed clear that there wasnt going tobe an international player picked in the top 14.Here are two players to keep an eye on: Tomas Satoransky andEvan Fournier. Satoransky is a 6-foot-7 guard who is intriguing because he canplay point guard.Fournier raised some eyebrows at the adidas camp earlierthis month in Treviso, Italy, and few doubt that he has first-round talent.Its a stretch, at this point, to say either of them could step into a teamsrotation.Warriors general manager Bob Myers talked to the media onFriday about the draft and said it was possible the Warriors could select aninternational player and have him remain overseas.Fournier and Satoransky would be perfect candidates forthat.

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