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Myers explains why he hasn't discussed KD interview with Draymond


Draymond Green's offseason interview with Kevin Durant made waves on social media, and had many believing it would be a topic of conversation within the Warriors organization.

However, president of basketball operations Bob Myers told reporters on Warriors Media Day that he hadn't seen the interview -- he had, of course, heard about it -- and that it had no bearing on Green's standing with the organization.

On Sunday, Myers discussed why he hasn't felt the need to discuss the spicy interview with Green in an interview with Frank Isola and Brian Scalabrine on SiriusXM.

"I haven't even talked to him about it. I haven't," Myers said when asked how he felt about the interview. "I mean ... I will. But it's like -- I know Brian [Scalabrine] really well. If he said something about me to you, I really wouldn't -- my relationship with him is beyond that, and if it really bothered me I would, but I've known Draymond since -- he was my first draft. I sat with him when he got suspended for The Finals over in Oakland. I didn't go to the game. I sat with him at the Oakland A's game.

"I love that guy. It's going to take a lot more than that, and he's allowed to feel how he feels about that and so is Kevin. I've been through too much with him. I've watched him win three championships with us. I can't get upset about -- I won't. Maybe you guys would and that's your prerogative. But him and Kevin, all the good they've done for our franchise way outweighs that. And when people feel a certain way about something, they can feel a certain way, you know?

"And I like those guys. If I call them, they'll pick up the phone, we'll go to dinner. Some of the stuff that people say, they don't know what's behind it. They don't know the relationships that live behind that stuff. They just see what is said and say, 'Well, that's what it is.' But that's the hard thing about being in the media. When you work in the business, there's real relationships that exist beyond what was said on a podcast or not."

The big moment of Green's interview with Durant was when the two pointed the finger at Warriors management for mishandling their on-court confrontation that resulted in Green being suspended for one game.

“In my opinion, they f--ked it up,” Green said.

“I think so, too,” Durant agreed.

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Green doesn't see the provocative podcast as an issue as the Warriors prepare for the 2021-22 season.

“How is the relationship? I don’t know,” Green said on Warriors Media Day. “I don’t think it’s any different than it was before. As far as blaming someone, I wouldn’t necessarily say I blamed anyone. I kind of just told my side of the story.”

While Myers and Green have yet to discuss the podcast, it's fair to expect both parties to hash things about before the season tips off Oct. 19.

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