LeBron angry at Steph, KD's NBA 2K22 ratings: ‘Should be 99!'


Lost in the hoopla of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant hashing it all out again over KD's three years with the Warriors was some other basketball news. This time, though, it's is regarding the world of basketball video games.

Ratings for NBA 2K22 began being released Wednesday, and LeBron James isn't happy. It's not even his own rating that has the Los Angeles Lakers superstar upset, at least not publicly. 

James was upset Steph Curry and Kevin Durant both received 96 ratings. In his eyes, the two should both be 99 overall. 

No player has a rating higher than 96 in the game. In fact, James, Curry, Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo all share the honor of highest rated at 96 overall. 

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Curry actually does have a 99 rating, though. That is, as a 3-point shooter. He's the top shooter in the game from long range, ahead of fellow Warriors teammate Klay Thompson. Seth Curry is the fourth-best 3-point shooter with a 90 rating. 

Finally, we can argue about what really matters in life right now: Video game ratings.

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