Kerr explains why Draymond logging big minutes at center vs Rockets is not a concern


Draymond Green played just under 37 minutes in Game 1 vs the Rockets.

The "Hamptons 5" logged 17 minutes, which is 17 minutes of Draymond at center.

Kevon Looney shared the floor with Draymond for 14 minutes. And while Looney could be considered the center in that pairing, he was forced to play on the perimeter on many possessions when he got switched on to James Harden or Chris Paul.

David West only received four minutes, so ultimately, Draymond logged the majority of his minutes at the five (and you can expect that to continue throughout this series).

Is that more tiring for him?

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"No, because he's not battling anybody on the post," Steve Kerr told reporters after shootaround on Wednesday. "I think playing huge minutes at center for Draymond would be different against some of bigger low-post dominant centers.

"Capela is a great player, but he's a lob-catcher, he's a runner. So it's not a physical game down there. It's more about pick-and-roll -- which is what Draymond's forte is anyways -- getting out and switching and staying in front of people."

While it's true that Draymond isn't dealing with a center who gets the ball repeatedly and tries to back his way down and/or bully him, Draymond wasn't in a bunch of pick-and-roll situations in Game 1. It was Steph Curry and Looney who the Rockets repeatedly attacked in isolations.

Draymond spent most of his time battling Capela for rebounds.

In fact, Draymond racked up a ridiculous 18 box outs in Game 1.

Through the Warriors' first 10 playoff games, he averaged 10 box outs.

Capela -- who averaged a league-best 4.1 offensive rebounds through the first two rounds of the playoffs -- only had one in Game 1.

Ultimately, Kerr's logic is sound and makes sense.

Plus, let's be real -- Draymond is probably relishing all of the contact in the paint with Capela.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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