KD's return to Warriors would boost Steph's legacy, Rose claims


Winning a championship changes a lot of things and in this case, it changes narratives. 

After winning his fourth championship and much-deserved NBA Finals MVP just over a month ago, Steph Curry solidified himself as arguably one of the top-10 best players of all time. Years of talk saying Curry needed Kevin Durant's help to win two championships were quickly put to bed after his dominant showing during the 2022 NBA Finals.

With Durant requesting a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets, the Warriors have been discussed as one of the top teams to land him, due to their combination of picks and young talent. ESPN's Jalen Rose forecasted what would happen should Durant return to the Bay Area.

"KD is going to get a lot of slander," Rose said on Tuesday's episode of Get Up

Rose also added that it was "great" to see the Warriors win a championship before Durant joined and it was "awesome" to see them win two when he arrived.

However, Rose says the relationship between the Warriors and KD changed after the Dubs won the 2022 finals. Mainly, if Durant were to go back to the Warriors, most fans will realize that Steph was the main cog during those championship seasons.

"... Everybody is going to look at that as a boost to the legacy of Steph Curry, not to the legacy of Kevin Durant," Rose concluded. 

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It makes sense why Rose would say that. In the three seasons since Durant left, the Warriors went from having the worst record in the league to NBA champions.

The Nets, on the other hand, are in a fluid state, with constant rumors about whether Durant or Irving will be traded, even after making the playoffs the last three seasons. In spite of all the rumors, there has been "little traction" between the Warriors and Nets regarding a deal for Durant. 

Nevertheless, until something actually happens on the Durant trade front, Steph and the Warriors will always be mentioned, for better or worse.

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