Frustrated Draymond appears to give up on play in Dubs-OKC game


Draymond Green is the Warriors' heartbeat, but for one strange possession Tuesday night, he stopped working.

In an odd sequence at the end of the first half of the Warriors' game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Paycom Center, Green appeared to completely give up on a play, which ultimately led to a turnover.

Green's frustration appeared to stem from not getting a pass from Jordan Poole.

The Warriors' forward was in the middle of the paint and called for the pass, jumping up and down in an attempt to get Poole's attention.

Instead, Poole passed to Klay Thompson and Green showed his displeasure by turning around, slouching and walking towards the sideline.

When Thompson attempted to pass the ball to Green, he wasn't looking and it led to a Warriors turnover. The good news for Golden State is that the Thunder weren't able to convert on the fast break. But Green never got back on defense, leaving his four teammates to protect their basket.

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Green is known to show his frustration on the court at times, but giving up on a play isn't part of his makeup and likely will have to be addressed at some point.

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