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Draymond ‘not sure' Poole returns to bench after Steph's return


Will Jordan Poole return to the bench once Steph Curry returns?

Draymond Green isn't so sure. 

After the Warriors' 100-94 win over the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center, Green spoke about Poole's many great performances in recent weeks and said that he wasn't so sure that the 22-year-old would revert back to the second unit once Curry returned. 

"I'm not sure he goes back to the second unit," Green told reporters postgame. "That's still to be decided and that's not an easy decision to make. So I'm not going to sit up here and [be] coach [Steve] Kerr and it's my decision whether he goes back to the second unit or not. But coach Kerr is a very smart coach, very smart man and just because Steph comes back doesn't mean you totally take the ball out of Jordan's hands, he's done well. What you've learned is that you have another weapon to get Steph off the ball and allow Jordan to make some plays as well.

Poole's breakout campaign started at the very beginning of the season when he was starting in place of Klay Thompson, who was working his way back from a two-plus year absence. 

Once Thompson returned in early January, Poole was transitioned back to a bench role, leading the second unit and still playing starting-caliber minutes. 

With Curry possibly returning in time for the Warriors' first NBA playoff series against either the Utah Jazz or Denver Nuggets, many expected that Poole would revert back to a similar role off the bench as he did for Thompson's return. 

Draymond envisions a different role for Poole. 

"Steph is going to have the ball the majority of the time and we all know that and we all want that," Green added. "But to know that you have another guy and you can get off the ball and run sets for and who you know can get you a bucket any time, that's a powerful tool. I don't envision it as him going back to the role he was playing, I envision that it's an added layer to our offense that we did not have before."

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However, Kerr and the Warriors use Poole in the playoffs remains to be seen. One thing is for certain, though. He will play a significant role no matter which unit he sees the most time with. 

For now, Golden State will rely on him for Sunday's regular-season finale against the New Orleans Pelicans. 

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