Eric Byrnes goes wild celebrating his son's first home run


Eric Byrnes was never one to hold back.

Who can forget the way he used to hurl his body around the outfield and foul territory at the Oakland Coliseum trying to track down fly balls? Or that time he tackled a bunch of Gatorade coolers on MLB Network for a segment about catcher collisions?

The former A’s fan-favorite is making waves in the MLB Twittersphere this week after he shared this video of his reaction to his 9-year-old son’s first home run.

You gotta love the proud dad energy here from Byrnes, who logged 109 dingers in his 11-year MLB career. And you gotta love Colton’s emotion as he hopped across home plate into his dad’s arms, t-shirt waving above his head.

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Unless your last name is Griffey, you’ll probably never go back-to-back with your dad in a big-league ballgame, so it’s always something special when you see the next generation hitting dingers.

Then again, Byrnes has become something of an endurance freak since retiring baseball, running ultra marathons and setting 12- and 24-hour Guinness World Records for speed golf. Maybe he can whip up a comeback tour in his 50s when young Colton is a top MLB rookie.

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