Giants get creative replacing fans in Oracle Park seats this season


The Giants won't have fans at Oracle Park this season, but the seats won't be fully empty.

The organization sent a letter to season-ticket holders Thursday night informing them that they won't be let into games, but that they can submit an image to be part of the "Giants Fan Cutout Program" which "allows you to be at Oracle Park even when you're home watching the game."

According to the email, season-ticket holders can submit an image that will be placed in the seats during home games, giving the appearance at least that the seats are not empty. It's unclear if the program will extend beyond season-ticket holders, but the email does mention that it's a paid program that will be complimentary to season ticket holders who choose to receive an account credit, indicating it will be available to others.

The Giants have nearly 42,000 seats but it seems illogical to fill all of them, especially given the wind and harsh conditions at Oracle Park most nights. Last season the club had 26,000 season ticket holders, but that number has not been updated since last March. It's likely that thousands more were lost after another losing season.

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It has long been assumed that fans will not be allowed at games this season because of the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. In the email, the Giants stated, "given the continued health risks related to the pandemic, games will be played without fans in attendance."

The Giants have spent weeks talking internally of ways they can make the in-game experience seem more normal for players.

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