Are Giants making bullpens in right-center field, keeping Triples Alley?


The Giants are going through changes. As the offseason kicks off, the Giants are searching for a new manager and general manager. Longtime ace Madison Bumgarner easily could be headed for a new team in free agency, too. 

It doesn't stop there, either. Roster changes happen to every team in the league. The Giants also will be making ballpark changes before next season. 

Moving the bullpens at Oracle Park has been discussed for a long time now. Their previous place down the foul lines in right and left field were extremely dangerous, and quite possibly derailed the career of former Giants outfielder Mac Williamson. 

Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi first discussed making changes to Oracle Park in the near future during an April interview with The Athletic's Andrew Baggarly and Eno Sarris. The initial thought was moving in the fences at Triples Alley, the right-center field area that is 421 feet away from home plate and 25 feet high. 

Triples Alley seemed like a logical place to move the bullpens, making the park safer and more hitter-friendly. Keep your candles, though. It appears there won't be a Triples Alley vigil, at least not for now. 

The Giants appear to be keeping Triples Alley and will take out bleacher seats in right-center field to make room for the new bullpens. 

If this is the case, it certainly is an interesting decision. Will Triples Alley affect the Giants' ability to sign power hitters in free agency this year and in the future? Left-hander Brandon Belt has admitted in the past the large dimensions have hindered his statistics. 

"I've definitely been affected by the dimensions of the park, there's no doubt about it, but in the end if me having to play in a bad hitters' ballpark gets me to play in a good organization, I'm alright with that," Belt told NBC Sports Bay Area's Alex Pavlovic in April. 

Not only is that area of the bleachers the exact spot Barry Bonds broke the all-time home runs record, it also seems like a difficult area to place bullpens for two teams. Will the Giants have double-decker bullpens like Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia? It sure seems like a possibility. 

Whatever the Giants have in mind, we know the bullpens are moving. They appear to have a new home, too, as Triples Alley lives to see another day.

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