What Steve Young identifies as Lance's best quality so far


Steve Young believes a key ingredient for Trey Lance’s success in his second season is his ability to identify targets as a play unfolds. 

The 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback knows what it takes to be successful in the league, and believes that Lance already possesses an important trait -- processing the play to find the open target. Young believes Kyle Shanahan will take advantage of that quality.

“What Kyle loves about Trey is his processing ability to find the open guy,” Young told Matt Maiocco on 49ers Talk. “With that in mind, Kyle will try to create some opportunities where he’s wide open. Because that’s where I think Trey has the growth, the refinement that’s necessary is in delivering of the football -- that’s not his best quality right now."

Shanahan is known for creating offensive plays that help a player maximize their potential on the field. Knowing Lance’s unique traits will help the head coach put the QB in the best situation possible to succeed.

Young believes that the young quarterback will refine his technique and throwing ability as he matures, but what Shanahan can do immediately is maximize Lance’s ability to quickly understand what is unfolding on the field.

“I think his processing power is his best quality, and Kyle will lean into that,” Young said. “I know that Trey will find the guy. Now can I make him wide open so that I don’t cause him to have to throw into tight windows or be in some tough sport early.

“Kyle can create some of those opportunities. Kyle will love Trey’s processing power and will take advantage of it.”

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Making Lance’s job as easy as possible will be a priority for the head coach, and having a large number of experienced skill players on the roster will only assist the process.

Veteran players like George Kittle, Kyle Juszczyk, Deebo Samuel, and Trent Williams will alleviate some of the inevitable pressure that will come from being a starting quarterback in the NFL and assist Lance’s development as well.

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