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Williams intends to play in 2024 with 12th Pro Bowl nod in sight

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SANTA CLARA — Trent Williams has made his plan for the 2024 NFL season clear.

While the well-decorated left tackle explained how much his 11th Pro Bowl nod meant to him, Williams announced that he wants to hit 12 in order to break the position record. This would indicate that he will return for his 14th NFL season in 2024.

“Oh, 100 percent,” Williams told reporters Wednesday. “I want to break the record for tackles, and that’s a big thing for me. I definitely dropped to my knees and thanked god, because that’s not promised. You can have an amazing, Hall-of-Fame career and still not see 11 Pro Bowls. I’m super proud for that.” 

Williams currently is tied with Hall-of-Fame tackles Jonathan Ogden, Willie Roaf and Anthony Munoz with 11 Pro Bowl nods.

Williams’ NFL career began as the No. 4 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft by Washington. The lineman’s first head coach was Mike Shanahan, while his offensive coordinator was his son, Kyle.

At the same time, 49ers run game coordinator Chris Foerster was Williams’ offensive line coach. While the group did not stay together during the left tackle’s entire career, Williams credits Shanahan for “taking care” of him, which has helped sustain his lengthy career.

“I feel great,” Williams said. I felt good last year, I feel great now. Coach does a great job taking care of me throughout the year, not just during the week, Burt OTAs, camp, preseason. I feel rested and ready to go.”

For Williams, the accolades never get old, and in fact, this season’s Pro Bowl honor caused the lineman to take a look back at his career, when making even one Pro Bowl was just a goal.

“I’m not an emotional guy,” Williams added. “ I didn’t cry, or nothing, so don’t go writing that, but it did take me back a little bit. I remember just dreaming about making my first Pro bowl. Just thinking what do I have to do to get into that conversation?

“And now, fast forward 11 years later, and I’m in my 11th straight Pro Bowl. It’s one of those moments, you’re working so hard for, and you look back and you’re like, ‘Dang, I accomplished all that.’”

Williams and the 49ers still have work to do before the season is over, but having a mentally and physically fresh anchor of the offensive line definitely will help them compete for another Super Bowl.

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