Report: NFL to examine MetLife turf after 49ers' injuries


The NFL has seen the pain on the faces of the 49ers and they have heard their cries.

After four important 49ers suffered leg injuries Sunday in a 31-13 win over the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, the league's "field operations department will take a closer look at the situation based on the concerns raised by the 49ers," Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported, citing a league source.

Jimmy Garoppolo, Raheem Mostert, Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas all were knocked out of the game Sunday with potentially serious injuries.

Coach Kyle Shanahan indicated after the game that Bosa likely has a torn left ACL. Garoppolo has a high ankle sprain and might not be available for next weekend's game. Thomas could miss significant time, while Mostert reportedly has a mild MCL sprain.

The 49ers have a right to be concerned. In an odd scheduling quirk, they have to play at MetLife Stadium again next Sunday, taking on the New York Giants, the other tenant of the building.

NBC Sports Bay Area analyst and former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia said on "49ers Postgame Live" on Sunday that the league should consider moving the 49ers-Giants game out of MetLife Stadium due to the turf issues.

"If the turf is that bad, and it's bad for both teams -- not just one team -- it's bad for both teams," Garcia said. "They could, I would assume, look at other venues nearby that could be an option to move. You're not asking fans to move. You're just asking the teams to move. Maybe it's a college stadium locally, or maybe it's the Philadelphia Eagles' stadium, whatever is in close proximity that could make it work for both teams.

"That needs to be looked into, because if they're suffering major injuries because of the quality of the turf, that's looking out for the livelihood of the players."

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It's not clear if moving the game to another location is an option the NFL is considering, but it might be the wise move until they can figure out how to make the field in East Rutherford, NJ safe.

Interestingly, the Jets didn't appear to have an issue with the turf at their home stadium.

“We were too busy getting our faces kicked in to worry about the turf," a Jets source told Florio.

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