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Bosa's contract situation doesn't worry Armstead, 49ers teammates

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SANTA CLARA — Nick Bosa hasn't reported to 49ers training camp but the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year has been in contact with his teammates.

After the 49ers' first on-field training camp practice Wednesday, defensive tackle Arik Armstead said that although Bosa has been absent from the facility, he has been in touch.

"Nick always keeps in contact with his guys, and we’ve been in contact," Armstead said. "He’s great, he’s always doing good, training, I’m sure. Probably in the weight room."

The 49ers' brass knows the value of what Bosa brings to the table, but with that can come complications in regards to the fine print of a contract. Until the impending record-breaking contract is finalized, Bosa likely will remain in Florida where he spends the offseason.

The First-Team All-Pro can remain away from the facility during training camp without accumulating hefty fines to the tune of $40,000 per day, as they can be waived by the team for a player in the fifth year of their rookie contract.

"We're working diligently to try to come to an agreement," Lynch said Tuesday. "I think the challenges, you're talking about a real special player, one of the better players in the league. You could argue that could simplify things, but I think at times it’s just finding that sweet spot and where is the right spot and we're committed to working towards that."

Armstead and his teammates are not concerned about Bosa's future and understand that it could take some time to iron out contract details. There is also little doubt that Bosa will arrive at the facility in top form ready to get to work as soon as possible.

"He knows what he did on the field, how valuable of a player he is and [that] he will be compensated for it," Armstead said. "I don’t think he has a worry in his mind, and I don’t think we’re here worried either.

"The Niners have a great track record of taking care of people who do things the right way, and are exceptional players. I’m sure that it will be taken care of too. He definitely deserves it."

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Historically, the 49ers have finalized their substantial contract extensions with players like George Kittle, Fred Warner and Deebo Samuel before, or near the beginning of training camp. Bosa’s extension, however, will be the largest contract in team history, so the delay is understandable.

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