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Shanahan says 49ers' losing streak won't influence deadline moves

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With Tuesday's NFL trade deadline rapidly approaching, don't expect three consecutive losses to prompt the 49ers into making any reactionary transactions on the trade market.

Following the 49ers' 31-17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Levi's Stadium on Sunday, Kyle Shanahan revealed that San Francisco's three-game losing streak will not influence any decisions the team makes regarding the trade deadline while also adding he feels the solution to their recent woes remains in-house.

"None of this changes anything with the trade deadline, how we played today, or how we played these last three weeks," Shanahan said. "When you sit and watch the tape, when it's out there on the field, I know how these last two weeks especially have felt, but I do believe we have the answers in our building. I believe we have good players, I believe we have good coaches, it's up to me to get them to do better."

Shanahan then shared that while there are definitive issues to correct, he emphatically trusts the answers to those problems lie within the players and coaches currently on the team.

"I thought we started out pretty good, but there's some things we haven't been able to hide here over these last few weeks, Shanahan said. " That's why we've got to continue to push them in every aspect because some people do go on these losing streaks, and they don't have those answers. You're just living in hope. I truly believe we do have those answers. I believe we've got them on our team. I believe we've got them with our staff.

"We've got to sit here and wait about 14 days to deal with this feeling we have, which nobody wants. But I think we need to. I think our guys need to be pissed off a little bit. I think we need to come back with a little better focus because it hasn't been enough, and we haven't been getting it done."

The 49ers are reportedly interested in adding a couple of pieces ahead of Tuesday's deadline, with a concise window to make a trade materialize following Sunday's loss to Cincinnati.

John Lynch and the 49ers front office historically have been aggressive near the deadline, with last October's acquisition of Christian McCaffrey being the most recent example of a big in-season swing made to bolster San Francisco's roster.

While it remains to be seen whether or not an outside addition could alleviate the 49ers' recent struggles, one thing remains certain. Something has to change and change fast, as San Francisco faces a daunting second-half schedule coming out of its Week 9 bye.

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