CMC recalls wild experience as 49ers' emergency QB vs. Eagles


Christian McCaffrey is good at a lot of things, but commanding a huddle might not be one of them. 

On the latest episode of the "Bussin' With The Boys" podcast, McCaffrey discussed his mindset as the 49ers' emergency quarterback in San Francisco's NFC Championship Game loss to the Philadelphia Eagles after both starting quarterback Brock Purdy and backup Josh Johnson suffered injuries. 

"In the back of my mind, I won't lie, if I get the ball I'm ripping it," McCaffrey said. 

The 49ers' Pro Bowl running back nearly was thrust to finish the remainder of the game as quarterback Purdy eventually re-entered the game. McCaffrey, however, was able to attempt one pass from the wildcat formation.

In the 2022 NFL regular season, McCaffrey attempted one pass with the 49ers, a 34-yard touchdown to wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk in Week 8 against the Los Angeles Rams. His lone attempt against the Eagles though, was nowhere near as successful. 

With 5:07 remaining in the fourth quarter and the 49ers trailing 31-7, McCaffrey attempted a pass off a double-reverse which landed nowhere near any player on the field. 

To this day, McCaffrey's 49ers teammates still give him a hard time for his call in the huddle before the errant throw. 

"That quarterback stuff is tough. Forget throwing the ball, like calling the play in the huddle," McCaffrey explained. "They're still giving me s--t because I called one play on the wristband, it was the double-reverse pass. And like the whole game, it was so loud, so the quarterback's in there screaming. We had to have a guy take a knee in the middle so we can shorten up the circle just so we can hear. I'm like I have to yell this play call and meanwhile the play call is that long. I'm screaming the play and George [Kittle] is like, 'Dude, shhh!' It was the one time in the game it was quiet, so the defense is like, 'We can hear you.'

"Like, 'Oh s--t, sorry' I had to quiet my voice down. But calling the play in the huddle is more difficult than people think."

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At that point in the game, McCaffrey's ability under center was the least of the 49ers' problems. 

But in the future, if San Francisco does need an emergency quarterback, at least McCaffrey will be battle tested. 

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