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Armstead believes Bosa ‘beyond deserving' of massive extension

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Nick Bosa's teammates understand why he hasn't taken the field yet this summer.

In an appearance on KNBR's "Papa and Lund" show Friday, Arik Armstead explained that while it would be nice to practice with Bosa, he understands that the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year is worth every penny of his impending contract extension and should be compensated as such.

"Of course we want to be together, but this is a business and he definitely needs to take care of his business," Armstead told Greg Papa and John Lund. "He's beyond deserving, he works so hard, so dedicated and everything he's put into this, he deserves to get everything out of it for himself and for his future and his family."

As it stands, Bosa is holding out from joining San Francisco in training camp as his agents and the 49ers continue to negotiate a contract extension befitting the dynamic 25-year-old defensive machine.

Even though some 49ers fans might feel uneasy that a pact has yet to be reached, Bosa's teammates aren't worried about the situation, and 49ers general manager John Lynch is confident a deal will get done at some point.

"We have to strike the right mix of urgency," Lynch told reporters Monday. "I don't like this. I don't like not having one of our best players here. But I also understand it, and understand we're going to have to exhibit some patience, and understand that ultimately this whole thing will work out.

"I’m confident in that."

Armstead, as well, is confident a deal will be hashed out sooner rather than later.

"He knows what he's worth, and I think everybody knows what he's worth," Armstead said to Papa and Lund. "So I think that's going to get done, and I'll be really excited when it gets done to get my guy back and get back around him and continue to grind, taking the field with him.

"I've been playing with him for four years now so it's been a lot of fun, lining up beside him and going out there and talking and trying to destroy our opponents. So I can't wait to get back to doing that."

For every day Bosa holds out, he will be fined $40,000 by the 49ers. However, NBC Sports Bay Area's Matt Maiocco reported Friday that San Francisco can waive the fine -- now up to $440,000 since it has been 11 days since Bosa started holding out -- after the two sides come to an agreement.

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Despite the uneasiness surrounding Bosa's contract extension, Armstead, his fellow teammates and Lynch all are confident a deal will happen.

And that should ease the nerves of any 49ers fan.

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